I've Been Putting this off for Almost 8 Years

Hello There!!

My name is Julia and I am a psychotherapist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I work mainly with individuals struggling with anxiety and related disorders such as OCD, Phobias and Panic. I love helping people overcome their fears while learning better ways view and understand themselves, others and the world around them. There is nothing better than seeing people make changes and choices more consistent with who they want to be and the kind of life they want to lead!

As the headline here suggests, I have been putting off creating a blog for a long LONG time. I have so many fears wrapped up in finally making this plunge and just thinking about it makes me feel so incredibly vulnerable!

“What if I have nothing interesting to say?”

“What if people think it’s dumb and unhelpful"?”

“What if I procrastinate and can’t follow through. What if I fail?”

“What if no one wants to read it?”

This is me!

This is me!


Most of my days are spent helping individuals learn to better manage anxiety, discomfort and uncertainty. I walk alongside them as they face, challenge and overcome fears head on. And most of all, I support them in their journey toward a life driven by values, anchored in purpose and filled with vitality. I feel so blessed to have worked alongside so many brave, fierce and motivated individuals who each day embolden me, spark my curiosity, and teach me something new.

In sharing with you some of what I have learned and experienced along the way, I hope parts of you feel connected, challenged, provoked, informed and inspired. Whether you are someone who has not been able to access regular care (therapy, psychiatry, coaching etc) or are simply looking for an adjunctive to the work you have already been doing, I plan to offer insights, Psychoeducation, stories, resources, and tools to better understand, make sense of and navigate the mental health landscape.


Don’t worry I am still terrified but have to learn to embrace the uncertainty, imperfection and challenges that lie ahead.I can’t keep letting fear of failure and the unknown stand in the way of something I know is meaningful to me and the community I want to share it with.

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